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Our in-house equipment and expert dental technicians can perform most types of denture repairs in as little as an hour, making us one of Lanarkshire's fastest denture casting services.


We guarantee an optimal fit and comfort with every appliance we make. Our fastidious attention to detail when matching to the master cast ensures a minimal final fit appointment.


The success of our company is based on the quality of our work and we pride ourselves on offering an excellent level of service.

Comfortable fitting without the fuss

We only use the finest materials in our appliances to give our clients and their patients complete peace of mind.


We also provide fast turnaround on repairs, which you can have done within the hour. Contact us today for a same-day fix.

Quality components for fast repair

You don't have to wait forever or live in discomfort to achieve your perfect smile. The experts at Grant Wilson Dental Laboratory are standing by to fabricate or repair your dentures with top-spec equipment and 40 years of experience.

Lanarkshire's premier prosthetic teeth manufacturer

Denture repairs and additions made fast

For dental repairs in less than an hour, call on 01698 891 300

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